Your trusted partner in building innovative and agile organization culture.

Why should you choose us?

Our global corporate, teaching and research experiences

In the area of human resource management, leadership development, talent management, innovative and agile organizational culture.

Our data-driven and research- based methodologies

In providing holistic people solutions. These range from end-to-end HRM advisory; 45 topics of skill-building; to globally valid and reliable - yet Indonesia-relevant - individual and organizational assessments.

Our people-first and humanistic approaches

When working with you. Our offerings are based on best practices, but they are also co-created together with you to fit your needs and the needs of your people. We do not just take things off the shelf. We utilize cutting-edge frameworks without forgetting the local and contextual wisdom to ensure utmost relevance.

Widest options of solutions delivery

(Online/onsite/hybrid) throughout Indonesia, with a fluent facilitation language of English and Bahasa Indonesia.